Sunday, September 19, 2010

HERO covers...

they are done..and l did some cards as well.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labour day and Cottage country.

now..most of you don't know this but l'm not really an outdoor kinda guy...l don't like the flies...and the living off the land type deal. my kids always go and this trip l was talked into it..well more like two girls giving me the gears about how l never go. so l did...and it was fun.

l also got invited to the LABOUR DAY CLASSIC in cuz is #41..J Hood and l'm proud that he is in the CFL...good for him...he played well and l would like to say thanks to him for the hook l'll hook him up..he requested a drawing...hahaha.

so life is is great...and l am once again reminded that people are crazy.


Friday, September 3, 2010

HERO cover ...and RIBFEST 2010. was a fun day..l did my first walk cycle..and it looked pretty good. l took on this task with a bit of reluctance ...but in the end it looked great.l also am working on a new cover for HERO..the HERO INITIATIVE is one of the best things going. you do work..they raise money and it goes the artist who forged this business. my cover will be done in a few days, l just wanted to show it off before it was done..l got a lot to fix...but hey, who's perfect.

also..RIBFEST is in town..l live about a 30sec walk for the waterfront park they hold it. every year l eat way to much...but it smells so good. next update..the new gig with some old friends...peace