Monday, February 26, 2007

Sketchee funk..and designee junk.

l did scan lots of pages before they are done, mostly to show the editor what l was doing and sometimes to get a better perspective of the book ....because it takes weeks to do a book sometimes the flow is not what you want but sometimes you get great dynamics in places you didn't expect. the second image is a concept design page that l did for the main characters..l even drew the first shot of Griff...but that suit went in a different way from these drawings. the top drawing is a half way done page that was so full of stuff that l can't imagine how the colorist got it hat goes off to her.

more funk to come.Funkeeeeee!!!!!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Giant Robo is my fav.....Jedi 's are king.

l have watched tons of Anime in my time , in fact l remember buying Dragon ball Z from Chinatown 15 years ago...when l was 3 yrs old of course. l have seen the Ninja Scrolls, Vampire Hunter D ,Gatchaman , Jo Jo' name it, but l still come back to Giant Robo. Fedel got me the whole series for Christmas....l have been watching it everyday as l draw.

l don't know why somethings just resonate with you but this anime works for me...l'm also a Starwars, l can't say Greedo's speech word for word but l'm a 90% guy when it comes to Starwars trival pursuit....2187..if you know what that is then you are worthy.

speaking of starwars....this drawing was done for Hasbro on Starwars Unleashed..4G2 colored Chewie for the package.

peace love and art....

check out a clip of my favorite scene from Giant Robo


Monday, February 12, 2007

home on the range...

while many people know me as a comic book artist , l do stray into being a cartoon character designer now and again. l know of at least a couple of production companies that don't know anything about my comic career and are surprised l can jump around....l like them both and l think designing cartoony stuff is not a matter of just doing big eyes and feet but a true sense of stylist , that sounded like l know what l'm talking about,

l have designed lots of stuff that may seem off my usual path, in fact l got an Emmy nomination for a design job that falls into the cartoon headspace...l will post that artwork soon. Fox Sports was the client on that job.

l sketched this a while back but l like the feel....hope you do too.


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Me and Supergirl #13


pencils...l wish l had done something better with her arm...Supergirl 13.

color..Aspen studios did the work..talented people.

l sketch these a few times a week to stay loose and sometimes they get used for blogs...go figure.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Wolverine for Shusters

this is a drawing l did for the Shuster awards poster....l can't say anymore, but l think they need some more DC characters on the poster...just to balnace it out...wait they do...but how come l'm drawng a Marvel guy?
James...are you reading this...shame on you.

l tried a different style for this drawing...a little more chunky and anime in flavour...different , but l may never use it again, felt a little like playing with someone else's stuff, fun but you know you gotta put it all back when you leave.

''Getta beam'' shout it !!!!

best she-eeet on T.V.

now temper this with how much time l spend in my studio. either at home or Toronto...l have a T.V in my home studio , now most would say that would be unproductive and sometimes it is but case in point tonight l watched 'Smallville' and never stopped drawing so am l really not getting stuff done or am l fooling myself .now let me explain l don't get distracted easily.......huh?....hey, gotta go Battlestar Galactica is on....well someone taped it and l just realized l missed last episode's quest for earth.....l think that Starbuck is a cylon. 'Hero's' is sick....comic shows are everywhere.

Silver Surfer is sketchy

well it's time for me to post my first sketch, l was inspired by Fedel to do a drawing in an hour l did. he gave me the subject matter and l went for it. It was fun and l love the Surfer so this was such an easy ride. l don't usually spend time just doing things like this but this is how l started in the biz, by just grabbing a sheet of paper and going....having tons of fun.

l will be starting my next book on Monday for DC so watch out for the promo's that will be coming out soon, l can't say what it is but it will be dynamic ....l can't help but draw these characters in that way ,seeing as the artists before me have laid the groundwork for that kind of tempo and style. My job will be simple ...just draw.

l'm finishing up my first fullcolor went from 50 pages to will be ready for my our trip to London for Celebration....hey when lucasfilm calls you just gotta go.besides l need to see my friend's been way to long.