Thursday, September 25, 2008

the pencils...

l was putting the finishing touches on my sketchbook...CANDI YAMS. l was going through the comic section and l realized how little comic work l put up after a book comes out. Today is a fun day..the issue is done and l am rolling on new covers..l got a few ideas and they will be interesting if l can pull it off.

here is the first 'POW' page in the CABLE KING SIZE ...l don't think the story telling is great but l learn more everyday. l would make the last two panels more reader 'friendly''...which is code for 'legible' .

more drawing to come...l draw every day...l am always inspired..

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


l get a lot of email saying..'show more art, please...'' so l am...l draw almost every day..sometimes it's for a job....well, pretty much it always is.l did this for fun.

l have been working like a mad fool...but l need to doodle more...

heard about a pair of shoes...zippers?..really. cool.

My was a blast..

life is good...l will tell you more on a bigger update...l had a BLAST.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

MLB designs...

the Tampa Rays and the Toronto BlueJays get some love...lashley style.

a signing at 3RD QUADRANT..BOOYAHHH!!!!!

contact Daryl at 416 974 9211

Hello all, l will be at the 3RD Q this Saturday...come check it out. it should be fun.....l will be doing the deed ...signing, drawing, name it. come say hello....

Saturday, September 20, 2008
1:00pm - 3:00pm
3rd Quadrant Comics
685 Queen Street West Suite #201
Toronto, ON

Sunday, September 14, 2008

the last Day of COMIC CON 2008...

Ok here is the last day...

Fedel and l were the only brave souls that decided to hit the show on the last day. we walked the floor...made some new friends...missed other friends...said 'hello' to a few fans, we made sure we got the WB bags that were the talk of the show. Last year it was the SMALLVILLE bag this year it was the ASTRO and STARWARS bag...l got both. l'm soooo lucky...oh, will they fit into my bag.

We make our way around to a few was amazing. We do what we can but we just run out of steam....we go back and get ready to hit the Cheesecake factory..but we had a few 'friends'' over when we got l stayed in my room where it is safe .

like l said married men should always be in bed by 11.

the night was pretty boring...until l decided to get something to eat. so fedel and l went looking for a place to eat...we drove around and realized SD is a sleepy town on a Sunday night. so we did the DENNY"s thing...l got some greasy thing that in hindsight was not smart considering l was about get on a plane....l had the gut-rot for a few hours.

the trip is coming to a was fun and very stop Toronto. l missed my family and it was time to head home...besides , l was hurting my back drawing on my bed....wait, that sounds wrong...but you know what l mean. l have a portable drawing table but it's to bulky to carry...l guess it's really not that portable.

Friday, September 12, 2008


OK here is the KING SIZED project l've been working on ...The scoop was that it was supposed to be a two issue run but after some editorial love it became a KING sized Cable thingy...l can't say enough how awesome it was to work on this .

here is the funny junk which is my l went to buy the book at a local comic shop that l don't go to that often. l was buying the book with a buddy of mine ...well not really a buddy but that's a long story.hahaha...

the guy behind the register was looking at my purchase and he said how the ending was great and it had a surprise...He than asked if l followed the book and l told him 'kinda'' ...he went into his full pitch and asked me to join the preferred customer list...get my books pulled ...the whole nine yards...l told him that l was 'good' and thanked him but l wouldn't need to join the pull list crew....l had a connection already in place.

Just than the manager came up and said...''ahhh, this is Ken Lashley ...he drew that book you just sold him'' . l could see the wheels turning...he was a bit surprised but regained himself really fast...he said ' l guess you already know how it ends..'' ...l said 'yeah' but l will say that he was so cool about it and did his best sell job on me...hey , if l didn't draw it..l still would have bought it.

l think l should have told him...but sometimes l don't say anything and just buy the books....makes for better Blogging..

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Jays's a BLAST..

hello All,
a few months ago l was asked to create a cartoon for the Toronto BlueJays. l along with some very creative people made the 'Jays of Justice''...l have had a few cool jobs and this one is right up there.

the cartoon is being played on Kids days and l will post my photo's of me and the crew at the games stuff.

the Rays also asked me to do the same thing....l'll post them later...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

SD con day 6...

me an Mr Reggie...talking biz

kharupt and l swapping info

more love..thanks Mindy...Lucasfilm has it's own brand of hand sanitizer

the house...

ok here is the funny like typical black people we are on'lsland time'...the symposium is at we are late by 15 minutes which means we can't get in. l wait and by the grace of the divine comic gods l get let in and find a space to sit...actually we all get in. SM looks terrible but he gets recognized by a fan and l'm glad that he is finally getting his due.

l sit next to a guy who working and texting as the speeches are going on...l find out that he is a fellow artist and we have talked on this very blog...small world.

the BLACK PANEL was funny as usual the highlight of the panels we went too. afterwards l spoke to Reggie and said 'peace' and he was very happy to speak to me about the work we did together on the BP Annual and we talked about maybe doing some work together...he was very supportive of my skills and was asking about what l'm doing next....hey, you never know.

we met up with Kharupt...nice brother, hey how do l get a watch?

we hit the con up with G Elliott and walked the con...said 'hi' to tons of the flesh with people l've only read about. made peace with a few others...talked about how short life is too a few guys who worked with MR was very sad but made me think about how petty l was being about things in my past.

l bought a few sketch books....makes me think about how l will proceed with mine. Sanford was ill...Keron was sick...Kirby was nuts...etc...this guys are bad boys.I was surprised at how much love they showed was the highlight of the trip for me.

ok so ...we head home after a full day of meeting up with the players and shakers..l roll back early to meet up with my cousin who was driving in was great to see him..we hit the CHEESECAKE FACTORY...we only waited 30 minutes for a table...that is impressive. we talked all was great to reconnect.

we drove back...he had to get back to Palm Springs so he headed out...l went for a swim and found a mouse swimming in the pool...hey, that mouse could really swim...we fished him out and the swimmermouse was happy . l decided not to go swimming that night...but the hot tub was calling...l called home...then did some drawing.

Sunday is the last day...more funny stuff to follow.