Wednesday, October 22, 2008

crazy day baby...

Today was a very great day in the growth of the Draxhall brand....the crew visited the studio where our IP is in development...we loved the was awesome...the guys over there do amazing work. the Nintendo Wii will never be the same after my game is launched...the partners who are involved make me laugh with a giddy of crazed lunatic....

the Silverbirch gang also did the NPlus game for the PSP and DS platform..the game is getting rave reviews and is fast becoming a cult classic. l have known the guys over at Silverbirch for years and it is amazing to see the idea become a reality....if the game they make of my stuff is half as good...l'll be happy.

l had an amazing day..we also put a green light on the next two ideas from my mind that would make excellent game....and toys...and a cartoon is good.

hey, do yourself a it . don't talk about it.....

Sunday, October 12, 2008

happy thanksgiving...Canadian Style.

hello all ,
Well its turkey time in Canada...l am thankful for a ton of family is front and center. My three girls are great..l love them.

my work is amazing....and speaking of work l am thankful that l now work with people that i respect as well as respect me. l can tell you enough how thankful l am for that.

Turkey sandwiches....gods food.

whoa junk.

blue jays cartoon....

more designs..


transformers...starwars baby

spiderman ...roughs..yeah they are sick

more to come...again...don't talk about it show it...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Updates..the crazies begin.

yes..l did that..the package art is done by me and MCGEE..sweet.

and this..



the turn....

hello all,

The past week has been a very crazy time in my life....l have had some very crazy jobs and have always been very lucky with my how my work is perceived . this week has changed my life ...l saw the new versions of my creation that the people at Silverbirch are doing . l saw the walk cycles...weapons...level bosses ....theme is nuts to see a drawing come together as a video game.

l also saw the inks by Paul Neary on my latest book at Marvel..the arch l'm doing is relaunching a very popular title in the Marvel universe. l have waited a long time to roll on a project like this. l have seen a ton of people work on my stuff and it's a real pleasure to see someone with that much talent touch my stuff.

l am designing a feature film with VelvetElvis and they are amazing people and EXTREMELY talented...the idea is wicked and l am getting to do design work that most of us would kill for...voice work by some of todays biggest talents. i will be making a trip to Australia to visit the production and the producer....Gopi is a gas.( l will be visiting my buddy who just moved there..)

l will be knee deep in my Mattel work....l can't say anymore ....but it is fun....and crazy cool.

The Hasbro train in much stuff so little time...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Starwars...transformers baby...


l have been rolling with HASBRO for a long time now and l have been doing a ton of pencils for colorist that can do the deed. l was asked to provide pencils for the Starwars Transformers was a blast. l did a ton...l love doing work on the Starwars brand. l love what l do...the best one was....well they were all great...l think l did about 25 of them...the even feature my pencils on the back of the is good.

ohhhh, l also did the Spiderman and Hulk line....check the upcoming updates..

don't talk about it and show it ...if you can't show ...we know you didn't do. it...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Xmen roughs...

hello all,

l was cleaning up my computer and found a ton of cool stuff.l am preparing a move to my new superduper MAC....l can't wait until the real BEAST arrives...l am a full blown mac guy. it is so easy to love how simple it is to use....

these images are the roughs l did for the XMEn legacy ...Marvel will be using the cover for a's fun to be a Marvel guy.


Friday, October 3, 2008


a few years ago we did some artwork for the Toronto Argonauts... keith Pelley and his amazing tie collection asked us at DRAXHALL to do some illustrations for opening day. it was awesome and we had a blast...l think the FF movie was the tie in if memory serves me well....duh...look at the images. l remember that no one wanted to be the invisible woman...hahaha.

had a great day with my daughter...we can shop like demons...she is 3 and can hold her own.

l should really get back to my drawing..l will drawing like a crazed fool tonight after the visuals that l saw today. l got inspired by some very, very, very cool stuff.