Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy B-Day to me....

Happy B-day to me....thanks for the multitude of warm wishes from all over the globe. Thanks and l hope to see you all real soon.

on a different note....we booked our house in SD and it is CRAZYYYYYY COOOOL. wait until l send pictures from the crib. We will be throwing a party for a few of our closest Comic-con buddies. It will be fun and off the hook.

peace...hey, it's my birthday, l love you all for sending me your warm wishes.


Saturday, March 22, 2008 does a body good

Over the past few years l've been doing a ton of design work for a few feature films and video game companies. l did these images for a property that is in development . l enjoy working in marker, l can draw pretty quick in this style...really, it's fun.

the work ended up looking so different from this that l can show this work as a case study. l'm having fun and drawing .....who can ask for more.

l explore the different looks...that's the design game.

draw...don't talk about what you it.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New freshness...kinda

Hello peps,

l have been crazy busy and have not been able to l'm posting some old and new stuff. The first one is a design l did for a cartoon for MLB ...hey, it's a fun gig. The reason l can post it is because the player in question will not be part of the cartoon. l have had a few great sportjobs and this is tops on the list, the artwork l did will be made into a mascot and various products well as the cartoon. l will be flying to Tampa for the debut and the crew will be in full effect. Fedel, Baiden, Jonas, Chris, Peter, Jeremiah.....we will be enjoying the highlife in sunny Florida.

the second image is the first Flash artwork l did's old but not too bad.

the third is......l can't say , but l guess with a new movie coming out can guess what it is. Troy is the man....and he has the best job in the world.

Well l have some killer news....the X-men family book is rolling and l got offered a big book at the mighty'M' and l will do a five issue stint. i feel so good that l'm drawing comics that l like ...l also feel great about working with Paul Neary who is the inker of Bryan Hitch, he makes me look good...when you see the inks you will love it. l have been enjoying life and loving it...G Elliot and l will be in NY for the con ...we have a few big meetings...but it's good to go to a con with a guy who is not a a-hole....and will spend his own money.hahaha.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

hello...l went to a great con in Syracuse NY last year...these are some of the pics l took..funny , l just decided to bring a box of my books and l sold a TON...makes me think l should get back to it....l guess l will someday.


Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Every year l go to Florida and stay at the family compound. l have been every year for about 4 years now...l am looking out the window and it is snowing like crazy..l think it's time to think of a warm memory and my beloved girls. The best part of my life is being a father to, these pics are old...l think they were from last years trip.


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hell, peeps.
l have been asked to show some of the pencils so l decided to do just that....The BLACK PANTHER ANNUAL hit stores this week and l'm getting calls from all over the globe.Thanks UK king pin...Gopi in Auzzie town ...and so many more have dropped me a line to say how much they loved the book. l still see a TON wrong with my pencils but that's life...l'm still working on my skill set.

l am starting the next book in my X-Men family odyssey feels so easy, almost to easy . Fights...demon's just a fun time.

the next book will be my DC work l did before coming over to Marvel...Cyborg. Cyborg will be hitting the shelves in May and l will be in New York and Detroit the week it hits. Dan will be thrilled that l'm in his home town.

On a different note l got a call from my boy in New Zealand on the set of a film that he is in....l can't say what it is but man, l'm stoked. That man works harder than anyone...he is getting ready to shoot and is calling and emailng me.l can't wait till he comes up here to visit...Canada is cold but friendly.

more love to come...stay tuned