Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cyborg is coming... and why did l do it?

hey all,

looks like l'm going to have a fun summer...why? because l'm doing a book at Marvel and my DC mini series is slated to hit the shelves in May. Cyborg is one of the icons of the DC universe and although l was not that familiar with his history l quickly learned that he has some crazy deep issues to deal with.

on the flip side , l got to hand pick the guys l wanted to work with and Eddie Berganza was kind enough to make it happen. The coloring was amazing... the inks were smooth ,slick and beautiful.

Marvel is treating so well it's crazy....more on that soon. crazy stuff...

The Silverbirch crew showed me some progress on the's hot.

Friday, February 15, 2008

See this colored on

This is one of my fav's from the book.....The color job looked l've looked since Age of Apocalypse ...well that's not true J D Smith did a great job on Cybrog and the Firestorm colorist was amazing....l have had a few good colorist in my time ....but these guys didn't need any art direction, they knew what to do.....and JD is a funny guy...and has his own, how novel is that .hahaha.


How l draw pages...

here is a breakdown of what l do...l get the script from Reginald and l get rolling. Reginald is the main man at B.E.T and a great guy who l met up with at SD comic con this summer...not knowing that we would be working together a few months later...oh, l owe Reginald a Draxhall t-shirt.

ok, back to the art, l like to move around a bit and draw pages out of order...l don't know why l do that but l have always done it...maybe it keeps me fresh...maybe l'm just crazy, who knows but l get the most out of it if l don't go in order.

These pages are fun to draw and are much different from the X-men stuff l'm working on, these pages are more open and free..l like them both and each has unique challenges. l usually draw the faces first..why? because if they suck l don't need to finish the rest. The pencil work l do has a ton of line mileage..which means l draw everything l can before l go nuts. l had a ton of historical images l needed to do for BP...but man it was a great book to be a part of.

as a person of color , Black Panther is an it's an honor to do it. Larry Stroman is also doing some artwork in this book...actually he is doing more pages that l am...l'm doing 17 he's doing the rest. His work looks great and Axel had a hard time slicing up the pages...who does what in an annual is the hard part.

thanks Axel for the love...oh, you son looks good in green..hahahah.

l will me posting more art from this book....peace, love and art.

oh, and one more thing....talking about people doesn't make your work better...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Artwork...more house pics and Cyborg pages....more concept times ahead

us at the con...G getting a ride...Stan Lee looks great...we rented a house the night photo is from the back deck...that is us with Brian for the Cartoon network hanging with us at a symposium..more pics to come

hey..more of my artwork that l did for Lucasfilm ...those guy are great. l got a chance to do it again on a new project , l love those guys.

Baiden is in his rental car..nice...l got a Pacifica. We had a great time...more pics to come.

sd pics....

Hello people, l have been drawing and having the time of my life....working at Marvel has been amazing and working in the Xmen office feels like old times. l have been working on a new book that features some the X-men characters we all love.

l have been meaning to upload some of the San diego comic con pics....fedel, Baiden , daryl, George , Anuin...and Evan, all made the trip...we had fun, shopped our guts out and met up with all the people we are working with and some people we plan too.

more pics to come.