Monday, November 16, 2009

my work....l'm so GEEKED !!!!!!! it is...l went on friday to get a coat for my daughter and l decided to go to Hallmark to see what my wife will be getting me for X-mas....when what did l see?...this Calendar....l was totally geeked out.l know Lucasfilm makes product with my stuff on it...l got the disc a few months ago with the whole catalogue...there were over 600 items world wide...but this is crazy cool...l'm so geeked.

some of the heads were different from my pencils...l did them on other sheets...l need to find them.

l also went to can buy all sorts of things with my fav are..STAMPS.....are you crazy...l'm so GEEKEEDDD!!!!!!

so l am going to NY on Dec.17th for the 'Marvelous Color' show in Midtown. the CCCADI gallery is hosting the two month event. l am creating some original artwork for the first gallery showing to life is about to take a fun turn.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

the pen is mightier than the!!!!!

my buddy Josh got a tat of my drawing of Boba thats love..if you don't have someone put your art on their just haven't made it hahahahaha...WOW!!!!! Crazy cool...