Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My phone blew l'm on to an iphone.

so yesterday my phone made a funny noise blew up. so l took it to get looks as if it will have to join the drawer of the retired cell phones l already have.

l guess l will get an iphone...problem is...l will be phoneless for a few is odd ...and strangely quiet.

also my home phone is going the way, don't get an internet phone as your main phone...power surge killed my box. repair guy coming l have no's awesome....wait..l think my phone is ringing....darn, it was good while it lasted.

j...l'm still here.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Hey all,
l wanted to give you a heads up as to what l did for the show the CIRCUIT...l did a illustration for the set. My boy Adam did the design and l was asked to do an image to offset the great stuff was to be a focus of interest and give the set some spunk..l think the set was hot without my work but l'm glad l got to contribute.

l did this while l was in took me a few hours and my colorist took it from there...he rocked it...and he was professional ...l was amazed at how wicked and beautiful it came is a refreshing thing when you deal with pro's.

Monday, August 25, 2008

more pics...SD style

the pool....sure beats a hotel....l love SD. The SD con is crazy ...and the weather was sick.

did l say that already...oh well....hahaha

Friday at The CON....San Diego not T.O. is the Friday scoop....the con was let me tell you..if you have never been then you are missing out on the best con experience in North America.

l know that Chicago is good and NY is cool but nothing is as good as SD...nothing. l hit all the booths...looked for my stuff...found some cool booths...Mattel , Hasbro, Marvel...Sci-Fi...these booths looked awesome. l got a ton a freebies...made it to artist alley and said 'hello' to my boys at Wildstorm...yep , those guys were mad cool...Carlos is a talented and funny guy. JJ Kirby, Matt B, R Friend and the rest were very cool to talk too. l know R F from way back and JJ and l have talked for years...he is so talented it makes me cry.

made my way to the Marvel booth...good to see some faces of names of guys l work with. l missed Nick L of the X-men dude....and besides he gave me my X-men Legacy work.the booth was nuts so we got thing about SD..if you stand still you will get over taken but the masses....just keep moving.

l saw RC ...he is rolling at his new job...saw some cool people...saw Axel..he is my editor on my new project...and some older ones as well.... we are a few months out before any announcements can be made...but it is a project l would kill for...l can't believe l got this gig. This is a top tier book with the writer that is so talented that l'm honored to be working with him.

Speaking of which...l met up with that writer on the Saturday...but that is for the Saturday (part 6 ) update.

the con had a ton of cool things to see..the OWL ship was was the Starwars pavilion.. David...hope to see you next time.

we headed back home after meeting up with tons of people..G Elliott was in town but stayed at some Fofo hotel...too unscale for us. G was coming in later than us and was going north for a few days after the con so he got a Hotel room...on a golf course...he is so upscale. l'll tell you more on my Saturday update...SM had a blast...his first Comic con...he was floored by the costumes.

we got back around 6....let the night begin...

the boys got ready to go out...Fedel and l did the RESPONSIBLE thing by going to bed early so we could hit a panel early Saturday before we met up with the was two panels that were going on at the same time so we would have to hustle.

we ordered pizza...hey, did you know that COSTCO in the states sells gas?...crazy but true....dirt cheap as well.

l went to bed early...but l did some hands are getting tired...wait that sounds wrong.

Friday at The CON....San Diego not T.O.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The New show on Space has a Lashley flare...

Well l got a call from the Imagination Station .......Space.

l was asked to...wait l can;t say ...l'll see you after tomorrow...jus check out the new show..

The is hot..

also the interview l did for Space in in heavy rotaion on CTV....Yep it's true.

SD part 4...the drawing gets good.

ok here is the skinny...

the day starts out like all the amazing breakfast...thanks Steve. l get ready and realize that some people are not ready to go or will hit the show later....l have a few people l want to see...Axel is on the top of the list as well as Mich and Dav. l am also meeting up with some artist buddies that l don't see very often. Soooooo....l get my starwars shirt on and head out...but as we were getting ready l decided that maybe l won't go today...Baiden laughed and we went shopping. We hit the beach..the main strip and had fun. it was the first time l have ever hit the beach in was crazy good.

now most of you would think that if you go to SD that the con is the first thing to see...but because l go every year it can be a bit overwhelming, so pacing yourself is key. l decided to do the show early the next turned out to be a smart move because l got a phone call from my cousin and he said was driving down from Palm Springs to meet up .l haven't seen him in months and it's great that he decided to make a trip to see me. l had time to plan the a few here is somefuuny stuff. l get a call from a buddie who needed me to hook her up with a contact from l usually don't like to get involved and to be honest l wouldn't have done it if it wasn't her. l did it...her company owes me a fridge....hahaaha..inside joke.

the day was fun but not a crazy full day...the mayhem begins l drew all night...l was using some source for was a older reference that l use from time to time and these images are always in my mind....l drew....and drew somemore...l realized it was late.....drew some more ....buddy, l drew a ton on this trip.

l get ready for the mayhem...Friday is next....dude, it was crazy..CRAZY CRAZYYYYY....

Friday, August 8, 2008

well the Clone wars is around the corner and because l do some work with Lucasfilm and Hasbro , l have been interviewed for the CLONE WARS SPECIAL that airs on SPACE at 7:30pm August 8th 2008....l did my best to not embarass myself but l don't think it went well..hahahaha.

Natasha was great...l was so-so...but l was told that my best moments made the final cut....l guess l'm not so bad in front of the camera. l am pushing for my own show on space....l think l could do it...l'll call it ....ahh.....mhhh....geez l guess l should think of something clever. l'll let you know.

Draxhall is doing some fun stuff as well...we are creating an element for a new set for will be great and fun to have our artwork on Space every week.lets roll......stay tuned

Xmen Legacy 214 l do it.

l have been getting a few messages on how l do is how l draw the pages...l never do them in order...l l never do layouts....l guess l sholud do ...nah.

stay tuned..

Thursday, August 7, 2008

SD -3...

So- the day starts with the Comic con pro badge ...the get the badge in under 5 hours..

Ok here we go...we know fedel comes in at noon so we plan on getting him and rolling to the con for our pro badges....we pick up Fedel who is happy he made the trip but is exhausted...but hey, we got palm trees and a pool.

we hit the con...Baiden where's your phone?...we are done in 10 quick...pre went back home and decided to go shopping.

l bought a watch that l saw the year before...l love you Nautica....we shopped....we went back home and chilled and got ready for the first day of the con. l prepared my stuff ...called Nat every few minutes to brag about the hot tub...called home....ate some egg whites and turkey bacon...yeech.

now l don't know where you live but you must do the Cheesecake factory when you are in the states...if you don't it's just not a good trip. l do it every year...l also love the Brazilian BBQ place means means stop...Fedel is nuts.

so ...l plan a few things ...get my running shoes on and go to bed...because like l said....married men should be asleep by 11pm.

l drew some that night...but l was getting too much sleep so l was tired.

Comic con trip day 2 is the low down on day's not pretty but was funny.

We get up feeling good and ready to get rolling to Mattel. GPS is humming and we had the breakfast of champions.... cereal. We hit the road and Baiden decided to drive...( nice guy )...we cruised the San Diego PKWY and took some very blurry shots of some very cool buildings and other things that really looked better in real life.

2 hours later and some very fast driving we arrived at the MATTEL design offices....we got the grand tour from my old friend DV . he is such a pimp...having the hairdo and the car makes him the mac daddy of toys ( l thought l was bad).

we saw some killer new stuff...Jim lee's universe toys...Action man....the work l did looked better after the did some presentation boards...some custom painted toys for the show done by the MATTEL artist....batman....other crazy stuff....they grow was wild.

a few hours later we came out ...had lunch...l had a Kobe beef was so driven around in the crushed by the Valet service guy. made some plans to meet up later.

two more guys were coming in today...and because we knew we were close to LAX they flew in to that airport. we picked them up....drove down Creenshaw....had dinner and l drove is where the fun begins.

l decided to drive back...why? because it was only fair. the problem is that l was dog tired and l was not in the mood to drive 2 hours home...but l did...with the aid of the window and everyone snoring l started to drive like only a Canadian can....l rubbed my head for good luck and drove so fast that when l hit the shoulder the vibration noise woke everyone...except Moore ...he looked awake but was sleeping.

l moved from lane to the sleep demon who was chasing me...and who had already consumed by was really bad because everyone was was dark and l was tired...l keep thinking ' man, l don't want to stop but l should...''..well before it got worse we arrived home. Mike and Moore loved the place and we hit the pool...just then..the doorbell rang...these woman walked in.....oh my...who are they....wait how do they know our names....hey?....oh my....nice dress....

l can't...what happens next is top secret.....

l won't tell you what happen next but needless to say...l went to bed because married men should be asleep at 11pm....regardless if the wife is there or not....saves on lawyer fees.

the night is young for some....but tomorrow fedel is coming in and the work begins...l'm so old .

the trip to SD has changed so much...l used to 'hotel' l 'house' it...l used to bring people who never really appreciated it now l don't....the trip is painless and fun.

tons of drawing that night....hey, l needed to relax.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Week that was ...SD CON 2008. the details....sorta. the crew went to the biggest comic con in North america...132,000 strong.

here is the low down on the week long adventure that is now called '' dudes, comics and hot tubs ohh my''.

Day 1

- We flew in on Monday , Baiden and l came in first with the rest of the crew coming in during the week. We did the usual stuff...talked to complete strangers made friends with a lady that talked to me for the whole trip while Baiden pretended to be asleep...(nice try buddy). She was so funny and l hope she realizes that her stories will make it into a comic so day...the material was just so good.

got our car rental ...yes, we got a mini van...l asked for a Escalade but with the gas prices l thought it would make more sense to drive a people mover than a ozone killer. ( besides it was half the price).

we hit the was amazing...pools..2 Jacuzzi's....but the weather was not cooperating it was cold as hell..( wait that makes no sense). l couldn't believe how cold it was...l was wearing a sweatshirt all night. we went out to the grocery store... bought a few things than came back to figure out how the remotes worked ...l love American many choices.

we ate a stupid sandwhich...HUGE. we hit the sack...Baiden's room was cool but looked like a shoebox compared to mine...haha..beyatch...we had a long drive to MATTEL the next would be a 3 hr drive. and we were picking up two members of the crew at LAX...did you know it is cheaper to fly to LAX than SD...go figure.

l think l sent a few minutes drawing....hey what can l say, l was inspired.

the was fun part 2

Hasbro booth...nice.

Marvel Banner...super nice..

Urban vinyl toys....l can't wait for mine to be done.

more vinyl


The was fun

more SD pics....and my bedroom...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

the Jolt..... is the Jilly ....her alter ego is the 'Jolt'...

Monday, August 4, 2008

Sunday, August 3, 2008

X-men legacy...l love it

here is the Xmen work that is came out while l was in SD...l can't wait to see the pages...

more stuff to come....l have funny stories to tell about Sd con....funny stuff.

San DIEGO goodness- part3...the house