Friday, February 27, 2009

Hey New wanna get a job in comics? you better know somebody.

This is what l read today....if you are a new artist making better get your money together and go to the shows.
let me tell you a story about that...when l first got in at Marvel..(500 years ago)..l was flown down for a picnic and family day party. l met my editor Suzanne Gaffney and we hung out at her is the part that might surprise you.

l was sitting there and a guy came in to show his work , she took the time to look at it gave him some advice, he was to do more stuff. l think he was an intern or something because he seemed to know her quite well. He was really cool with me and as soon as he was done he shook my hand and left the room leaving behind his work for her to keep ...l spoke to Suze for about 30sec when she picked his samples up and put them in the trash....l went 'huh'' and she said that she had to do that because she couldn't keep them all...l said ' wow, that's harsh''....she said 'yeah it is , but it's the way it is ...''..

she than said..' hey, l know how l can show you what it's like''.....she took me to the mail room where she put a HUGE bag of mail in front of me...she told me that was just today's mail...2000 pieces of mail...mostly samples. l said l would look through them...she laughed...l lasted about 200 before my mind just gave up.

l was just ripping open the package...looking in and if it didn't catch my eye l would toss it. l realized that day that if you mail won't get hired.

on a funny note...l got a letter from Marvel after l had been working there for about 6 was a rejection letter....everyone gets one because if they have your address chances are you didn''t make it. l would frame mine ...if l could find it..hahahaaha.

here is the article...enjoy.

'Marvel Comics announced this morning that it has halted unsolicited submissions while it reviews its policy.

A new submissions policy is expected to be announced “in the near future.” In the meantime, company representatives will continue to recruit artists through the talent department, and conduct portfolio reviews at conventions.

Talent Liaison C.B. Cebulski had first revealed last week on Twitter that Marvel was revising its approach to submissions.

Amid a flurry of tips for aspiring creators and a mention of the new policy, Cebulski wrote, “Just so no one gets their hopes up, the new Marvel submissions policies are only going to make breaking in that much harder, folks.”

In a press release posted today on Marvel’s submissions page, Cebulski said the publisher found that open submissions have been the least-effective way to discover new talent: “So instead we’ll be continuing with the more ‘proactive’ methods of artist and writer discovery that we’ve found so successful of late, including some soon-to-be-announced new outlets.”

Just how ineffective have open submissions been for Marvel? “Disturbing but eye-opening fact: No writer or artist has been hired through a cold submission mailed into Marvel in recent memory,” Cebulski wrote Feb. 14 on Twitter. That was followed by, “Upon intense review, we discovered that almost all new talent hired by Marvel over the past five years has come through ‘word-of-mouth.’”

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Breakfast Television interview part1

Hello all,

l went to BT ( Breakfast Television) on Monday...l had be there at 6:30am and be ready to talk about my career and other stuff. l was told to bring some stuff and showcase my was fun to do so...pick the stuff that matters and leave other work behind. fedel came with me....poor soul l picked him up at 4:30am. We were also going to showcase my work at the Beaver Hall for the OBAMANATION art show...a few funny people along with my funny work.

BT was a blast...l was on a few years ago and it was a very amazing experience ....this time l was in full effect and had lots to show. l talked about all kinds of was good TV...well l hope so..more to come...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

l'll be on Breakfast Television on Feb 23rd..Booyah!!!!!

so here we go....l was on the BT show a few years ago talking about the 24 hours comic challenge that l did was great and it was wicked early. The BreaKfast Television show asked that you be in at that might not be that early for some of you but for me it is nuts...l'm a night l should be ok but l know l'll say something silly.

l will be talking about the OBAMANATION art display , l will be showcasing my work from yesterday and should be fu...and funny...four comedians will be entertaining's black history month and we are in full effect this month....oh by the way, l got some Black Panther pages to show....wink wink.

today was a odd day....but l guess that's how life works sometimes.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the l go about my everyday work..

here is a page from BP #2 ...this page is one of those pages that if l could do it again l would do it differently. ..but hey, that's life. l work out of order and l know it drives my Editors nuts....but l just get crazy if l have a quiet scenes for 4 pages ....l just go nuts.
Over the years l have tried to take some chances...this page is off my beaten track...l don't think it works as well as it should but never know what you can do until you challenge yourself.

lets have some fun....take some chances...make mistakes...hit some homeruns...strike out as well...

lets roll

Thursday, February 12, 2009

HAPPY 25th B-DAY JillY

Yes that is a cool.

Happy Birthday to an old...OLDER friend today...she has been a very close friend for over 10 years...l met her was she use to babysit me when l was little..hahaha.

Just joking ....have a happy day...go Eat your weight in popcorn....wait, you should eat MY weight in popcorn...nice.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Black Panther...first batch of artwork.

hello peeps...

here is a very rare behind the scenes look at what it took for me to land the gig of Black Panther...l was offered the gig and l wanted to show the Brass at Marvel that they made the right choice....well, it was really Axel who was my Champion...he asked me to roll on some art so he could see what he thought would be a great combo of me and the BP and l did this...

of artwork got alot better once l knew what the deal was...but every gig starts is where BP started for me.

lets roll....

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Black Panther #1 SOLD there a second printing on the way?

yes...there is a second printing on the way.....GO BLACK PANTHER...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Black Panther #1 is here...

well here it is...the first project that l can truly say that l'm proud of...

l have been very fortunate to work for some great companies and do some amazing things. ..but this project is different. l have seen how the world has there is a comic called Black Panther and it is nothing that you would expect. l was honored to be asked to do this book, l have been in the biz for years...did the whole range of books but now l can hand my friends this book and not make excuses for bad storytelling...crappy inks...dark muddy colors. l use to push companies to hire a group people that in all fairness just could not handle the job...that was my mistake. l work with pro's now...looking at Neary's inks and l wonder why l waited so long to make the decision to do this...Mr Mounts colors are so strong that l realize now that l should have just let the pro's handle my work....what was l smoking to let myself be represented by these idiots..l guess l'm the biggest idiot of all to let it happen.

l'm all about talent more crappy guys touching my's a new day.

the books get better every month....wait until you see what's next.

Thanks for the love...l really appreciate it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

93.5 FLOW is putting me on...

On thursday Feb 5th l will be on FLOW 93.5, talking about BLACK PANTHER #1 and other things that l have been doing. l have been a long time listener to that station because it is the only urban station in Ontario. l remember when they were trying to get a urban station in Ontario ...they worked hard for years to make it happen. l have a few buddies who have been part of the FLOW family for years...DJ Starting from Skratch has been a long time friend...he used to come the club l worked at with his crates of records and rock us ...that was at least 20 yeras ago...he was only 14 at the time...he had mad skills, now he is the man...much love and respect for what he has done.

j-wise is a friend from the early days of the studio...he was a smart kid with a ton of potential ..he did an interview with me a few years ago and l was in a bad mood so l was talking s#1T about everybody...l was acting like a crazy person..(not one of my finer moments). J took a poster that l have yet to see's all good.

listen for it on Thursday..l hope l don't say something stupid...but hey , it might be entertaining.


Also....The BLACK PANTHER #1 book comes out tomorrow...tell me what you think...but only if you like it..hahahaha

Monday, February 2, 2009

SPACE...and some black dude

hello all,
Today l did an interview on SPACE about my thoughts on art...people of color in Sci-Fi and other stuff. l had a blast doing it and l spoke very freely about what l thought ....l wonder if l'll be getting a call or two.the interview will air on the show called the CIRCUIT this Friday and all weekend...check it out.

l also talked a bit about some comic...Black Panther.hahahaha

hey, l love that show FRINGE...l don't know why but l think that lady is hot...l just don't know why?...