Saturday, June 27, 2009

LIfe is good...BOOYAH!!!!!

here is some love....pencil stuff and some is good. l see that over the past few years l seem to be able to just keep working in an industry that is getting smaller...l have been able to do some amazing things and although most would think l have been blessed..l have a new oppurtunity that will give me a chance to make my dreams come true and travel to NY a few days a's not a's a new chapter in my life.

Transgaming is a company that l will be rolling with , l enjoy drawing and designing but the this new adventure will change my life. l can't wait...l hope it all goes well.

the images are some concept and BP pages...more to come.


Monday, June 8, 2009

BP pencils...not to bad.

Black Panther pencils...issue 5.

hello all,
l took some time off and am back to the workload.....l am doing some work on Punisher and then .....wait l just can't say yet. l have been working for Marvel for a few years now and l am happy to get my hands on some big books...although l am done with BP ( for now) ..l still am knee deep with my work at the house of M.

l got contacted by Jim M who runs the HERO INITIATIVE program. This program is very beneficial to us artist who may be down on their luck or just having a rough time...medically or otherwise. l was asked if l would contribute a cover for an auction that will be held at a comiccon this summer. l did one cover as well as two cards..these are the images l did..l did them quick..say about 2 hours total.

l enjoy doing this kind of makes you feel like you are making a difference.

issue 5of BP is out...more on that later.

peace all...where is my popcorn love...l miss the love.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Black Panther arch is over?..maybe for now...

ok here is the deal....l have been not feeling so well and am now on the mend. l have been very slack on posting here but l'm going to fix all of that. l l'm done with my BP arch ....but that won't be the last l see of her. look out people..l'm coming back to the Wakanda world real soon.

look for a post about my G.I Joe work as well as my Mattel love....check back soon. is the money shot in issue....wait l can't tell.

l wonder how l would draw the PUNISHER..HMMMMMM.

peace all.