Saturday, March 31, 2007

My Birthday is here....

l found this image of me doddling and l thought about how much my life has changed over the last year . l dropped about 350 pounds of dead weight....they know who they are , and found a better class of talent and character in the new editions to my crew. l have been drawing like a mad fool with the Animated feature-DC comics-Lucasfilm-Portfolio-Disney-Hasbro etc wife has been amazing and the girls are the sparkle in my life.l spent to much time away from them and now l have a balance.

the past year has been the most rewarding in my artistic life . l am working on things that l thought would be years away for me ...that is the way it has been for me in the past year...l guess when you focus, you can move beyond the boarders you put around yourself. l want to say peace to my extended family all over the world, l feel like drawing everyday...that's new for me ...or at least the past few years.

oh, today l'm going a special dinner my Mom has made for details , just the time l'm to arrive. l better get my Candy Yams.....oh , what do l care...l'll be with the people who matter most.


Saturday, March 24, 2007

l just watched the HBO Special ''When the Levee's broke''......l don't think l have ever seen anything so disturbing in my life. l have been to New Orleans to see my favorite team play , l have been a die hard Saints fan for years and l went a few years ago to a game in the Superdome.

To see streets l walked on and places l visited underwater .....l don't have the words. l have a pair of shoes l bought at a sports store across from the Dome that l will never throw out, l just feel like a peice of NewOrleans is in my house and should remember what it was like.

l won't get into it ,but man........l was moved to tears at least 3 times.

lf you haven't seen it....go watch it, lt will change you.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

300 ....INSPIRED

l have been fooling around with photoshop for a few months now and l love how it feels, well actually l've done a few development jobs that required a bit of photoshop so l did it myself....l was suprised how it looked after a few minutes. l need to spend more time working on it ...this is a crude 15 minute sketch l did for my family over at the Sketchbook allstars blog...those people are true artist. l can't wait to show you the Lucasfilm stuff l'm coloring...blazing fun.

l have a few more finished pieces that l will be showcasing here...oh, by the way we are changing host's which is why our website looks funky. stay tuned....

Saturday, March 17, 2007


l was talking on the phone and doddling...and this was born.

enjoy the love....

Sunday, March 11, 2007


l was hired to some drawings for a Superman it was DC . The job was to do likeness of the actor without doing a likeness....l was to give a 'sense' of the actor but not a direct likeness...why? because when you work in this busines you find that a multitude of stipulations are part of the deal. l don't do likeness's that often so this was right up my alley..l also haven't drawn Supes very often either.

l love my job....Hello Ethan....your daddy owes me dinner.


Monday, March 5, 2007

you got layout's....Flashley Goodness....

l am posting some pages that are in progress so you can see where l went wrong, hehe. l am showing a random page from issue 6 of Flash. l really liked the jumping Griff but the rest is pretty decent , l could have done somethings differently but that is the way it goes...pages are never finished they are abandoned.

l liked the face of Griff....l also liked the shot of griff using his powers. overall a decent page.....more to come.


Andrew's comiss.......

l don't usually do commissions but l decided to do this one last was done for a Fan who wanted the Flash....what's funny about this drawing is that the buyer had no idea l was slated to draw the Flash so l guess this drawing is one of the first drawings l did of the Flash.
today l was working on some new pages and l think the inker will just give up on these pages.....crazy stuff.

enjoy the ride.....peace