Wednesday, July 30, 2008

more SD con ...Mattel visit.

Part 2-
we were taken in past the security barrier....and we saw the new stuff...the old stuff the NEW NEW was hot. l saw the work we have been doing as well as the projects we will be doing over the next few months...l can't tell you how excited we are that Mattel is giving a band of crazy artists the chance to rock with them.

the past few years have been rolling along....l love my crew...they are not only talented but good people as well. Fedel flew in later because he had business to take care of...l like that he would do that before coming out west..LA was nice.

he missed the Mattel event....maybe next year.

the Mattel gate keeper...she was nice but she will frisk ya.

the shuttle wicked.

hey, you know your big when....

the design centre...

l'm so silly...

SAN DIEGO goodness- part1.

Ok people,
l am back from SD comcicon and l had the best time ever...l can tell you a bit more about what l'm doing...l have been saying for months that l'm doing work at the MIGHTY M...but what you didn't know was that is was MATTEL as well as Marvel comics.

l drove up from SD and spent a few hours with DV...he is an old friend and a guy who l just click with. l left my house in the morning and took the 2 hr drive like a was easy, l slept the whole way...( sorry G).l took a few pics but they came out blurry..when we arrived we got the royal treatment... is the San diego update...nice sign

she was nice but she took my camera....and l signed away my first born...haha.

D-V....nice haircut...Rockstar.

life is good....l was given a sports car for coming.....wait , that's not right. besides l barely fit in it...thanks D for crushing my black butt into a very small car...but dude that car was fast.

hurry up dude.....l'm in lets go...

Monday, July 7, 2008

CABLE KING SIZE sketches...

hello people,

l wanted to show the roughs behind the CABLE KING SIZE book that l'm drawing....l was asked to draw a two part story that grew into the one shot event it is today. l loved they way the book came out and it is the best book l have ever drawn.

l am rolling on some CRAZY FUN stuff that is outside the comic biz , l am designing some very cool stuff for the mighty M....Mattel baby.

peace, love and comics....

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Michael Turner passes away...


l heard he was sick...l also heard he was recovering and when l saw him he was always in good spirits. l may have only spoken to him maybe a handful of times but l was always aware of his talent. l can't remember a time where he wasn't a force in the business. l often looked at his work and thought about how much energy and craftsmanship he brings to the table.

l did a Witchblade book with another artist in my studio. l was responsible for the layouts and he did the finishes...Mr Turner wrote the book. What alot of people don't know is that he was a pretty good storyteller...l have worked with best and his work is on par with them. The book was an artist dream...he let me do what l do best and in the end it was a very strong product, in fact it lead to us taking over RISING STARS a few weeks later.

but the spirit of the work was his....we just were along for the ride.

l last saw him at The San deigo comic con...he was always so cool. l don't think many of us could be so humble if we had that kind of success. l may not have known him like a brother but we shared a family....we all love the funny books.

but today the books don't seem so funny.

Today l am reminded that we don't have as much time as we all think we do....go live and have no regrets.