Tuesday, December 14, 2010


ok..here is the low down of all things in my life... the art is rolling. l have been working on a game with Transgaming for a few months now and it rolling out in full force. GARAGE INC is the latest thing l'm proud of. l have have some great things happen in my life when it comes to art and this is one of the highlights. l am also working on a new book with my good buddy DJ as well as a new property with Kevin G. The cartoon l designed for PORTFOLIO ENT is entering it's fourth season,CARL2 is rolling on TELETOON. l am also doing some fun work with LUCASFILM and that is by far the most fun anyone can have on a project.
l am getting ready for the next faze of my life...but l also have a heavy heart...today marks the end of the STARWARS car.( look at BOBA fett in the trash bin).l took off the decals and although its sad...it may have opened up a new avenue for me...l have a bead on a new office space in Mississauga..l saw it today...very nice..and the possibilities are endless.

so...l'm making a wish, l wonder is Santa still makes house calls to my house for the adults...or did l use up all my luck and well wishes already.

anyways...MERRY XMAS !!!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Starwars remarks...

hey all...as you might know l did a print for Celebration 5 in Orlando for the Starwars family. as l sold them l did a drawing called a 'remark' which is just a fancy way of saying l drew on them...l got asked to do whatever l wanted and l did..here are a few of them.

life is good...oh and l might be making a fun move...full time is right time...hahahahaha.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

the new stuff..Transgaming and life..

Hey all...so life is rolling along.l just got a call from lucasfilm to do some very cool stuff on a new upcoming project with the home of the jedi. l also have the first mouse pad done with my artwork at Transgaming...and l have my stack of Xmen books..l have a few commissions to do hahaha.

that is a skateboard l'm donating to a friend in Florida for a great cause.

also...if you ride a horse..you must have strong core muscles....and there is only one way to do that....oh, my your bad.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

HERO covers...

they are done..and l did some cards as well.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labour day weekend...football and Cottage country.

now..most of you don't know this but l'm not really an outdoor kinda guy...l don't like the flies...and the living off the land type deal. my kids always go and this trip l was talked into it..well more like two girls giving me the gears about how l never go. so l did...and it was fun.

l also got invited to the LABOUR DAY CLASSIC in Hamilton...my cuz is #41..J Hood and l'm proud that he is in the CFL...good for him...he played well and l would like to say thanks to him for the hook up..now l'll hook him up..he requested a drawing...hahaha.

so life is good...work is great...and l am once again reminded that people are crazy.


Friday, September 3, 2010

HERO cover ...and RIBFEST 2010.

Well...today was a fun day..l did my first walk cycle..and it looked pretty good. l took on this task with a bit of reluctance ...but in the end it looked great.l also am working on a new cover for HERO..the HERO INITIATIVE is one of the best things going. you do work..they raise money and it goes the artist who forged this business. my cover will be done in a few days, l just wanted to show it off before it was done..l got a lot to fix...but hey, who's perfect.

also..RIBFEST is in town..l live about a 30sec walk for the waterfront park they hold it. every year l eat way to much...but it smells so good. next update..the new gig with some old friends...peace

Monday, August 30, 2010

more drawing....

hey all...so l hear people want my crazy orange shirts...well l'll see if l have any left.

here are some drawings l did a few weeks ago...for a show on SHOWCASE and A NEW GIG...l'm having fun. l just bought all the Starwars figures l did at the Celebration in Orlando....life is good.

also my Starwars print is for sale on Starwars.com

did l say life is good...if not..it is.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CELEBRATION V...orlando style...

Starwars Celebration 5 in Orlando...it was nuts.

ok...here is the skinny...l drove my supercharged car to Florida for the Starwars Convention in Orlando..l went with f-styles..and B-unit...we had a blast and took pics of everyone.l hope everyone knows that l'm a fast talker and don't get flustered easily...but this lady was so cute l made this face and passed out...these pics are so crazy...movies stars...voice actors..amd me?life is good.

my life is taking a big turn...l'm doing what l always dreamed of...i will be working with a good buddy on a TV series on SHOWCASE called 'lost girls'....very sexy show.