Wednesday, January 31, 2007


l have been swimming in the company pool for about 10 years now and although l have done some amazing high profile stuff l need to get back to what is roots. l don't enjoy drawing like l used to...maybe when it's for money you just don't look at it the same way. l was running a company for just about a decade...l enjoyed about 15minutes of it. l was more worried about them then l was about how l was growing as an artist, sad really but true.

l have now had the pleasure of hiring my first office manager ...what is that? well it's something l needed to do for years. l have new talent that need a good foundation of what it means to be a pro...but what l'm most happy about is finally fnding the time to be just and, l have slept so much better in the past few months with all the ''baby artist drama'' behind me. l have had a great year in my career as well .

l will let loose here l will say if something sucks as opposed to being the ''company guy''. l will start with my book ..The was not good. l won't say it was the writers because only cowards blame other people for their short comings. l did what was asked but l should have done more, l knew it was not strong and should have said something but l get that feeling about stuff sometimes and fans love it so l just went with the flow...l did not help by not delivering a superior book . l had to many other things to do with my Company that pressed my time.l won't make that mistake again.This is the first step.....being honest and getting back to my roots, drawing with passion.

besides candy yams is gods food.....brown sugar glaze on sweet potatos. potatos are roots aren't they ? well l know they have them at the very least.

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