Saturday, May 12, 2007

l worked on a issue of '52' and although it was fun it was so odd working over some else's layouts. l had a fun time doing this amazing project, my issue was early on ...#7 was the one l did. these are some of those pages as they were being drawn....l'll post the layouts so you can see how much it changed.

draw every day......peace


Andre Barnwell said...

Nice! You have a blog. Feelin "Doodles Mcgee". Keep the sketches comin .

Mr.Magoo said...

Masterful work man!

babadawud said...

Great work! Good to have the kids in the loop! Congrats!

D'Artagan Winford said...

Hey Ken my name is D'Artagan I'm a good friend of John McCall. Man all I
can say is wow! Very nice

man sometimes your stuff shouldn't be inked. your line work is crazy. keep it up man.