Wednesday, September 5, 2007

who's your doodle?

l have been away working on my day job stuff so l haven't uploaded in a l did this just for the blog the other day. l love to draw in red...don't know why but l just like the way it looks . These are just doodles that are from my head...not much else in there so they have plenty of room to wander about and cause trouble.

l just came back from SD Comiccon , which if you have never been to , shame on you for not going. l have been asked why l never go to the Toronto Comiccon put on by Hobo star....sorry Hobbystar, the fact is once you go to SD there really is no need to go to any other a fan of course. As a pro , l do a fare bit at my local shops so if anyone wants to meet me they can do so anytime...and based on your emails you guys know how to contact me.

l'm having fun drawing my latest book at DC which is looking like the best stuff l have ever done. Eddie wants to kill me but he knows l'm from Canada and we aren't that easy to kill.Work...well l'm doing storyboards for a Animated, it's so fun and the perks are crazy...Hasbro is making me offers l can't refuse...not that l would anyways, besides...working in toys is amazing. l'm making my way to San Francisco for Wondercon and the Big Apple in April....l guess l'm back in the swing of things. l will be doing a ton of things,l have a artbook in the works and my first toy will be finished by Summer 2008. thanks NY connection.

well l'll post more often......hey, who watches tv anymore...l know l don't.

l love candy yams.

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Jkim said...

Great diversity.

I love it!