Thursday, November 22, 2007

l'm back where it began....back in 1993.

well.....l have made the move that most people have rumored about...l signed on with Marvel comics and my first book will be a Black Panther Annual . l am working again at the place where it all started...l haven't worked for Marvel for about 8, l'm getting old. l remember the early days as a fun time and a ton of work....nothing has changed.

The marvel brass have been nothing but stellar in regards to making me feel welcome.l have some new for the is good....actually...its AMAZING.haha


KMT C said...

I a curious to see how your work stands apart on Black Panther. I know how much you love Batman and as this character is similiar in approach as to the type of hero he is.

But I must say I am curious to see how you push the envelope with the Black Panther character in order to make it have a distinct yet different style where we'll be able to say you have crafted a persona to the character that is truly LedKilla (Ken Lashly).

You always were pretty fast and loose with the gestural nature of your work. Some of the latest sketches are interesting to say the least. Minimal but full of detail, action movement. So I look forward to you newest work on BP.

Hope all is well with you and the family.

God Bless.

LeSean Thomas said...

Jeez man.

this is amazing......

thanks for continuing to draw homie :)

we need all the soldiers we can get in this game!


ken lashley said...

l'm doing my best not to fall to far behind you guys....l'm an old dog trying to do new tricks....haha.

thx for the kind words ...they keep me rolling.

Jim said...

That's killer news. Really looking forward to seeing what you'll do with BP. What you've posted here is exactly what I'd want to see.
I think your dynamic style will bring some amazing energy to whatever they give you at Marvel. Please keep us posted.