Sunday, May 11, 2008


more doddles....

What a week....l just signed on to work for a HUGE toy company in a new role . l have been working for this company for years but this new gig changes everything...l can't wait until l can tell you more and trust's an amazing opportunity.

l just booked my Japan trip and l can't wait to go...Fedel is gased up as we always talked about going to Japan at the studio and now we are going.

l will be posting the image l sent for approval for the Japan trip ...l think its hot. The guys seemed to really love it ...l think it's cool.

l just finished a cover for X-men 215......thanks Panzo.the inker is Hennesy..talented guy, l can't wait until l see the finished product.

l am working on a new cover today for an X-men project and the book is slated for a Sept release.

It's good to be moving forward with all the things l planned on doing 10 yrs took a long time...but when you can just focus on the work instead of the crap, it's amazing what you can achieve.

life is good...enjoy the ride..


DAN-VAN-COOL said...

Good to hear everything is moving forward for ya. I hope my work pays off in the same way one day.
Great doodles as well.

Take Care man.:)

ken lashley said...

hey man, just keep drawing...with your talent it's only a matter of time.

keep it rolling .