Monday, December 15, 2008

Raptor's GAME...COURTSIDE...whoaaaa

well, My wife is good to me...she hooked me up with tickets to the Raptors over the weekend. We had the courtside seats that are for people who have way to much money...when l looked at the price l thought..'wow, l could buy a car for that!!!''....but man, it was sick. l was so close l could hear the trash talk...Chris Paul was nuts...the NO teams was pretty good and l PVR'd the game so l could see if we made it on TV...l haven't watched it yet but l'm sure we did.

l'm going to see the New Orleans Saints play the Detroit lions next's going to be amazing...fedel, Bill, Damo,Hood...we are all going...this time no know who you are.

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Ryan said...

lol...I did the same thing when I sat courtside for the Raps/Wizards last year. One of the best sporting experiences ever...probably second only to the Raps/Nets Game 1: 10,000 other people in the lobby chanting in unison "Let's Go Raptors...VC SUCKS!".

You'll have to watch for you head to go by, hoping the pan down far enough...remember where you were sitting!