Sunday, April 5, 2009

Black Panther 4...grrrr

ok, l havebeen very busy lately...went to Penn State for a guys weekend and just got back...l went online to see what the deal was in regards to my BP issues and l see Marvel has put up some new l decided to show my part of the work. The team of Neary and Mounts is killing it....most people don't realize how hard it is to do this on time...most of us can't do it. i't not that we can't it's just that the standards are so high...if you cut corners it shows. l don't cut corners...l just don't sleep.

l will be showing a progression of page three of Panther 4...oh wait...Panther 3 gets some love before that...stay tuned.


Kung Fu Pimp said...

Keep it up! It DOES show and it IS appreciated.

By the way, a guy I work with whose money has been on the mad tight side really enjoyed issues 1 & 2, which I let him read during the work day. Says he's lookin' forward to reading 3 & 4 when I bring 'em in. (Letting someone read 'em two at a time is more satisfying than one at a time, yanno?)



tenshi said...

Man, you sound really dedicated towards the field. It's a nice insight on the field, as I know I won't be having much sleep time when I make it lol.

BROCASSO said...

What are you guys DOING!!!!

You actually make Man-Ape look wicked COOL and you kill him!

What are you doing to me. If someone just told me that you killed him off I would'a said right on! But after seeing that page I'm actually sad to see him go.

The series is truly premium by the way. Big up!

ken lashley said...

thanks all...more killing to come...major players get the big send off...thanks for the kind words....l am having fun for the first time in years...peace all.