Thursday, October 22, 2009

comiccon 2008..the lost images..

old pics from Sd 2008...thats us ambushing the SPACE crew...hahahahahaha..

ok all...l have been very busy with some very cool work with Marvel. l will be doing issue number 11 and then who knows...well l do but l will keep it hush hush!!!! l will be doing some very cool stuff...some will say it was long overdue...others might be shocked, but in the end we all just need to follow our dreams...l need to do whats best for me...l can't wait to see what happens.

l will be heading to NY for a gallery showing of my BP work and some other stuff as well . The Gallery in Midtown will have my work along with some others..Marvel comics artwork will be's all about the characters of color. Fantastic four 52 ...hmmmmmm....this is the first appearance of Black panther...l will be reproducing that cover...full mix media. l'll be rolling soon with a fun announcement...stay tuned.

oh by the way, l have a new's wicked amazing.!!!!!!!!!

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Joshua said...

You're missing your work in tattoo form.