Monday, November 16, 2009

my work....l'm so GEEKED !!!!!!! it is...l went on friday to get a coat for my daughter and l decided to go to Hallmark to see what my wife will be getting me for X-mas....when what did l see?...this Calendar....l was totally geeked out.l know Lucasfilm makes product with my stuff on it...l got the disc a few months ago with the whole catalogue...there were over 600 items world wide...but this is crazy cool...l'm so geeked.

some of the heads were different from my pencils...l did them on other sheets...l need to find them.

l also went to can buy all sorts of things with my fav are..STAMPS.....are you crazy...l'm so GEEKEEDDD!!!!!!

so l am going to NY on Dec.17th for the 'Marvelous Color' show in Midtown. the CCCADI gallery is hosting the two month event. l am creating some original artwork for the first gallery showing to life is about to take a fun turn.


Daniel Andrews said...

That Boba is wicked man.
Congrats on the gallery showing. What kind of Art work is it gonna be? Comic, fine Art (lack of a better term)

Fine Art is a strange term to me.

BabyBro said...

Holy Crap Man! Congrats, I'm so happy for you. But "about" to take a fun turn? You have your art feature for star wars, I say it has already took a fun turn.

BabyBro said...

Hello Ken,

I couldn't find your email address so I was wondering if I could speak to you here. I was curious regarding your exclusive contract to Marvel. Does that mean you cannot produce art for anybody else but marvel? If not, I have a business proposal for you. I have just recently started my new comic book business and I was wondering would you be willing to do a pin up drawing of my characters from my comic. I'm going to take that drawing and place it as posters, postcards, and pin-ups. So I was wondering would your marvel contract prevent you from doing such art and if not, what's the price for your services?

END said...

Sup dog? Cmin to town r ya? We hookin up or what? Hit me back in the emails - I'd like to see your CCCADI gallery show in Dec.

Congrats on the Star Wars goodness - haha!

ken lashley said...

thanks for all the love people....l could do a pin-up if you give me a bit of time...l'm pretty busy right now but give me a few weeks.

yo END...lets talk soon. l would love to see your studio...see where the magic happens...and talk about some projects l got coming up....BOOyahhh!!!!!! lets roll.