Monday, February 1, 2010

My Hasbro TRIP..BOOYAHHH!!!!!!!

well, l haven't been on here for a while and my life has taken some very fun turns...l am not doing comics monthly anymore...why? well it comes down to my future. l won't ever be were l want if l continue to work on things l don't own. l had a blast working in comics..but l'm too old to keep rolling along like l have no dreams.

l l'm out.

the next faze of my life started this week...l'm working at TRANSGAMING as a Creative is an amazing transition.l have always wanted to do something like this, and now l can truly create my future. l now have a creative voice in what l do's crazy. Today l spent 2 hours looking at my game and thinking of whats next ...l'm stoked.

l won't be done with comics...but l will be done with working on things l don't own . l will be rolling on a few motion comics and a new book that l created that will be made into a Videogame.The new look site will be up in toys will be out next t-shirts will be out this is good.

next stop...who knows...l may post that l ran away with a saucy raven haired beauty....

have a safe trip...l'll be thinking of you....go cause trouble.

...oh yeah, Hasbro.
last week l went to hasbro for a week of fun and work...well mostly fun. They asked me to come in and be part of a very special event and l was honored to do it. it was great to reconnect with old friends and to make some new ones. l was flown in...stayed at the is good.l went to the Hasbro offices for a few days to work and have some fun...( well l wanted to see the toys...dude, it was sick!!!!). the week was amazing but in the end..l missed my family. ( don't get me wrong..a king size bed by myself..nice).

well thats it for today...l'll post more about my life and the new is nuts...but it sure is fun!!!!!!

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Ross said...

Cool. :) Here's hoping to see the rest of the "LEGENDS" mini-series.