Monday, March 29, 2010

WIZARDWORLD 2010 Toronto!!!!

Well, sorry people but l have been working like crazy on a few things and the blog is getting left behind...but with the new gig at Transgaming lam busier than ever...but l'm having crazy fun. so lets start by giving an update on all the craziness...the gaming end of things is in full gear..the Gametree TV platform is in full effect and we are creating all kinds of goodies. The comic end is also rolling with me as l'm talking to Marvel about doing a one shot of a VERY popular Xmen title...thanks Axel. On the design front l'm working with Hasbro on some new fun stuff as well as some old is good.

well lets talk about the images l posted...these are a small batch of the three day signing/drawing event l did. l worked the show for three full days and it was awesome...l met some very cool people and the fans were amazing..they kept me very busy...l did drawings non stop...well l took a pee here and there..hahahahaha. l had a challenge by he l took it on and did my best...( the artist in question said he has to bow to me because l is good). the weekend was fun..but l am exhausted...but no rest for the wicked...the week has already started...and we are moving the Transgaming a bigger , badder office...l'll keep you posted..peace.

whats up J-unit...give a brother a seriously.

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