Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lady Deadpool..she's in the house.

so..l'm doing one issue of Lady Deadpool and l'm looking at the style of's way off my regular style and l enjoyed it.the pages looked pretty cool in the end but don't think it will look like Black won't.

on a different note..l am working on a new gig with my buddy Kevin as we are creating a new book. it's crazy fun to finally work with Kevin Grevioux..he is one of the creators of UNDERWORLD and has a new movie in the works.I FRANKENSTEIN....l love the work he does and we are rolling on the new gig...l'll be in NY at the con in Oct ..l will be launching posters of the new gig there.

l am also working my buddy DJ...we are rolling on a HUGE project..DJ was the Special Effects Supervisor on movies like..XMEN, FF and THE WATCHMEN. we are working on a new project with a massive amount of pages...a 2 year will be epic...hopefully.hahahahaha.

Talk soon...


RossT said...

The storytelling in these pages is more clear than Black Panther.

Very nice. :) Keep it up. :) Looking forward to the new project in the works! :)

RossT said...

So when does "Legends" come out?

ken lashley said...

story telling is subjective and that depends on the script as well....this script was way over the top...wait until you read it. Black panther had a certain beat..l liked the scripts just as much...but thanks for the comments..helps to look at the work from a new perspective..

got 2 projects coming out before LEGENDS...but is on the slate.