Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Starwars Celebration 5 in was nuts.

 is the skinny...l drove my supercharged car to Florida for the Starwars Convention in Orlando..l went with f-styles..and B-unit...we had a blast and took pics of everyone.l hope everyone knows that l'm a fast talker and don't get flustered easily...but this lady was so cute l made this face and passed out...these pics are so crazy...movies stars...voice actors..amd me?life is good.

my life is taking a big turn...l'm doing what l always dreamed of...i will be working with a good buddy on a TV series on SHOWCASE called 'lost girls'....very sexy show.


Donald said...

Was great to meet u in Orlando. Love the Vader Samurai pic, can't wait to frame it. R u going to be at NY Comin-Con? Would love to get some more art work oneday.

Mr.McCall said...

Hey Ken
John McCall here. Man your stuff keep getting tighter and tighter. Drop me a line, man. Keep up the great work.