Thursday, October 21, 2010

the new stuff..Transgaming and life..

Hey life is rolling along.l just got a call from lucasfilm to do some very cool stuff on a new upcoming project with the home of the jedi. l also have the first mouse pad done with my artwork at Transgaming...and l have my stack of Xmen books..l have a few commissions to do hahaha.

that is a skateboard l'm donating to a friend in Florida for a great cause.

also...if you ride a must have strong core muscles....and there is only one way to do that....oh, my your bad.


Mr.McCall said...

Hey Ken
John mccall here
Nice stuff man.
You always make me want to draw.
drop me a line.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Lashley.

This is an old intern of yours... Jonathan barker. Long time huh?

I sent you a long message on your blog site...

If you do not get it email me at and i'll send it to whatever address you like.

Your art and style, as always, is an inspiration.