Tuesday, December 14, 2010


ok..here is the low down of all things in my life... the art is rolling. l have been working on a game with Transgaming for a few months now and it rolling out in full force. GARAGE INC is the latest thing l'm proud of. l have have some great things happen in my life when it comes to art and this is one of the highlights. l am also working on a new book with my good buddy DJ as well as a new property with Kevin G. The cartoon l designed for PORTFOLIO ENT is entering it's fourth season,CARL2 is rolling on TELETOON. l am also doing some fun work with LUCASFILM and that is by far the most fun anyone can have on a project.
l am getting ready for the next faze of my life...but l also have a heavy heart...today marks the end of the STARWARS car.( look at BOBA fett in the trash bin).l took off the decals and although its sad...it may have opened up a new avenue for me...l have a bead on a new office space in Mississauga..l saw it today...very nice..and the possibilities are endless.

so...l'm making a wish, l wonder is Santa still makes house calls to my house for the adults...or did l use up all my luck and well wishes already.

anyways...MERRY XMAS !!!!!


Anonymous said...

Besides Black Panther... It would be KEWL as HELL to see you working on a Batman comic. Damn! JUST DAMN!

TORCH said...

Hey Ken I love your work. Are you open for sketch cover commissions? How do I contact you?