Sunday, January 9, 2011

xmas in florida...

well..its back to work time for me..l spent 2 weeks in the sunny south of Florida. l had a great time with my family and doing work for Lucasfilm when l was hanging out in the condo...l always end up doing work on my trips and this year was no different..l usually don't mix but this year it was unavoidable. l have tons to tell the game l worked on is rolling..more details to follow.l also will be rolling full time at TG...more about that as is good...lets have fun..


RossT said...
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RossT said...

Cool. Where's "Legends" Owning your own IP and monetizing it is gonna pay off big for you and your family...then you can stay in Florida for as long as you want instead of just 2 weeks :)

Looking forward to "Legends" toys, videogames, t-shirts, cartoons, movies.:) zero limits, man!

To a prosperous decade and more to come! :) P90-X !!! :)