Sunday, February 18, 2007

Giant Robo is my fav.....Jedi 's are king.

l have watched tons of Anime in my time , in fact l remember buying Dragon ball Z from Chinatown 15 years ago...when l was 3 yrs old of course. l have seen the Ninja Scrolls, Vampire Hunter D ,Gatchaman , Jo Jo' name it, but l still come back to Giant Robo. Fedel got me the whole series for Christmas....l have been watching it everyday as l draw.

l don't know why somethings just resonate with you but this anime works for me...l'm also a Starwars, l can't say Greedo's speech word for word but l'm a 90% guy when it comes to Starwars trival pursuit....2187..if you know what that is then you are worthy.

speaking of starwars....this drawing was done for Hasbro on Starwars Unleashed..4G2 colored Chewie for the package.

peace love and art....

check out a clip of my favorite scene from Giant Robo


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