Sunday, February 11, 2007

Me and Supergirl #13


pencils...l wish l had done something better with her arm...Supergirl 13.

color..Aspen studios did the work..talented people.


Chris Sims said...

Your work is phenominal!

You've been an inspiration for a while now and you continue to inspire me to pick up the pencil and just grind.

Looking forward to future works from you bro!

ken lashley said...

Thanks man, l just checked your work and you are blazing trails of your own. l still have a ways to go as an artist ....l think l'm pushing it a bit these days, in the past l just did what l knew and did not take chances. l do things differently now.

l value the strength takes great conviction to do what we do, l invite you to contact me anytime and l want you to know that you inspire me to work harder.