Friday, February 15, 2008

See this colored on

This is one of my fav's from the book.....The color job looked l've looked since Age of Apocalypse ...well that's not true J D Smith did a great job on Cybrog and the Firestorm colorist was amazing....l have had a few good colorist in my time ....but these guys didn't need any art direction, they knew what to do.....and JD is a funny guy...and has his own, how novel is that .hahaha.



DAN-VAN-COOL said...

Wow! This page is killer. So detailed and so clean. Unless Photoshop has be fooled :P I have a hard time preventing my pencils from smudging to much even with a paper under my drawing hand. Perhaps its a battle I cant win, or get better at. I like the open layouts as well. Personally I'm sticking to the basics right now until I get my story telling down a bit better.

ken lashley said...

Thanks Dan,

hey what kind of lead are you using? 2h is what l use...everything else will smudge. l use 4h sometimes but that lead makes grooves in the paper...also are you using a smooth or rough finished paper...smooth is better for comics and helps decrease the smudging.
The heat from your hands ands to the smudging as well...try using fluorescent bulbs,,they give off less heat so the paper won't heat up.
my story telling is always something l work on...when you have good scripts it's easier...

DAN-VAN-COOL said...

I also use 2h. I start with roughs with 4h but I force myself to say super light by holding the pencil at the back end. I totally know what your saying about using to hard of leads. Its not bad until you have to do any shading over it :P Sound like I'm on the right track though. For pin ups I use the smooth bristol, and I've been using blue-line comic boards for my submissions.
I never though about my light being factor for some reason, obviously it makes sense. My lamp is freakin hot dude. Thanks for the feed back friend.
Take Care

Anonymous said...

Awesome as usual.