Friday, February 15, 2008

How l draw pages...

here is a breakdown of what l do...l get the script from Reginald and l get rolling. Reginald is the main man at B.E.T and a great guy who l met up with at SD comic con this summer...not knowing that we would be working together a few months later...oh, l owe Reginald a Draxhall t-shirt.

ok, back to the art, l like to move around a bit and draw pages out of order...l don't know why l do that but l have always done it...maybe it keeps me fresh...maybe l'm just crazy, who knows but l get the most out of it if l don't go in order.

These pages are fun to draw and are much different from the X-men stuff l'm working on, these pages are more open and free..l like them both and each has unique challenges. l usually draw the faces first..why? because if they suck l don't need to finish the rest. The pencil work l do has a ton of line mileage..which means l draw everything l can before l go nuts. l had a ton of historical images l needed to do for BP...but man it was a great book to be a part of.

as a person of color , Black Panther is an it's an honor to do it. Larry Stroman is also doing some artwork in this book...actually he is doing more pages that l am...l'm doing 17 he's doing the rest. His work looks great and Axel had a hard time slicing up the pages...who does what in an annual is the hard part.

thanks Axel for the love...oh, you son looks good in green..hahahah.

l will me posting more art from this book....peace, love and art.

oh, and one more thing....talking about people doesn't make your work better...

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