Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hell, peeps.
l have been asked to show some of the pencils so l decided to do just that....The BLACK PANTHER ANNUAL hit stores this week and l'm getting calls from all over the globe.Thanks UK king pin...Gopi in Auzzie town ...and so many more have dropped me a line to say how much they loved the book. l still see a TON wrong with my pencils but that's life...l'm still working on my skill set.

l am starting the next book in my X-Men family odyssey feels so easy, almost to easy . Fights...demon's just a fun time.

the next book will be my DC work l did before coming over to Marvel...Cyborg. Cyborg will be hitting the shelves in May and l will be in New York and Detroit the week it hits. Dan will be thrilled that l'm in his home town.

On a different note l got a call from my boy in New Zealand on the set of a film that he is in....l can't say what it is but man, l'm stoked. That man works harder than anyone...he is getting ready to shoot and is calling and emailng me.l can't wait till he comes up here to visit...Canada is cold but friendly.

more love to come...stay tuned

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