Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy B-Day to me....

Happy B-day to me....thanks for the multitude of warm wishes from all over the globe. Thanks and l hope to see you all real soon.

on a different note....we booked our house in SD and it is CRAZYYYYYY COOOOL. wait until l send pictures from the crib. We will be throwing a party for a few of our closest Comic-con buddies. It will be fun and off the hook.

peace...hey, it's my birthday, l love you all for sending me your warm wishes.



DAN-VAN-COOL said...

Cool new banner, and happy belated b-day. Hope you had a good day.
Student loans are a bitch, so I have to wait till next year to go to SDCC. Im hyped for Calgary's though, Im hoping to have lots of pics this year.
Gonna meet Cheeks Galloway, Ramos, Immonen, Ruiz...gonna be a blast.

Cant wait to see pics from SD :D

Eugene McDermott said...

Happy belated b-day big man. Hope your girls spoiled you!!!


GRODZ! said...

Peace Ken. Nuff Respect to you Man. The Name Gee Rodz. A, Rob Stull Friend. hope to meet you some day. Again Nuff Respect Bro.

ken lashley said...

Rob Stull...that man has skills...l asked for him to ink me on Firestorm...l left the book but that was the best inks l've ever seen on me.

Welcome Grodz....and thanks McD and Dan V for the B-day wishes.