Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cyborg 2..don't be sad

the last book l did at DC is coming out and l wanted to show some of the work l did on that mini series. l know that a ton of you have asked why l did only two but let me tell you that l wanted to but that would have delayed me working at Marvel for months....l just wanted to go to the house of M and that meant that the Cyborg mini would have to be left behind. l wish l could have done more....and maybe l would have but that was not to be.

l don't usually talk about the way things happen because that's life but l was getting so many emails that l felt l could address it here.l know people are disappointed that l only did 2 issues but hey.....l'm at Marvel.

the Cable book l did makes this Cyborg stuff look like junk...the writing is top notch...something l not used to. The writer is a class guy.

the inker is paul Neary....come on people, he's amazing.

the coloring is ridiculos...l am just so happy to be rolling with the HOUSE OF M.

more updates to come....


DAN-VAN-COOL said...

Ledkilla is right. These pencils are really nice!

Chris Sims said...

I've always loved you pencil work. Clean, tight and detailed!

ken lashley said...

thanks guys....l'm just trying to keep up with you young guns.