Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jonathan G 's inks....he's the man.

here is the iks by JG..he does an AMAZING job....l wish l could go back and let him ink me on all my stuff....l had some questionable guys...but that was my fault. l had no business vouching for people who can't draw...l'm crazy hahahaha..

working on some BIG stuff at the mighty not that M.


GRODZ! said...

Nuff respect to you Ken And John. However 4me The Inks are so so. RoB The INK SKILLA Still The IllIST. Base on what I saw on (Fire Storm) Now stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

Student of the InkSkillz

ken lashley said...

Trust me....l don't need to smoke it but you might want to light this up.

l would not think that this is , l've seen some crappy inks in my life...these are far from so-so. l Think that Rob is the best inker in the biz...l requested him on Firestorm but based on who has touched my stuff this is a close second...did you see the Flash?, it was ugly.

Marvel is going to color my pencils...l think l'm a hard guy to match with an inker.

Hey G, l love the vibe on your blog...lets keep in touch. are you coming to SD this summer?

GRODZ! said...

Well Ken. first off Man it is an Honor to just vibe with you. sadly am not going to SD. Because I am working on my Very first Showcase with Rob. In witch I think he'll contact you sooner or later. But if you would still like to Vibe. Please feel free to send me an E-Mail or give me yours. Looking forward to the Vibeing. Till then


ArtChild said...

haha wanna battle?

ken lashley said...

Hey Grodz...l will drop you a line...l would love to vibe with anytime.

ken lashley said...

Artchild.....hahahaha...your funny....crazy but funny.