Thursday, February 19, 2009

l'll be on Breakfast Television on Feb 23rd..Booyah!!!!!

so here we go....l was on the BT show a few years ago talking about the 24 hours comic challenge that l did was great and it was wicked early. The BreaKfast Television show asked that you be in at that might not be that early for some of you but for me it is nuts...l'm a night l should be ok but l know l'll say something silly.

l will be talking about the OBAMANATION art display , l will be showcasing my work from yesterday and should be fu...and funny...four comedians will be entertaining's black history month and we are in full effect this month....oh by the way, l got some Black Panther pages to show....wink wink.

today was a odd day....but l guess that's how life works sometimes.


GRODZ! said...

What up Bro. Glad to see your keeping your self biz not like thats a supize. I am finishing up some Graffiti Projects should be done by Sat. Also I'll be trying to come up for the San-deago con. talk to you soon till then

Stay up

ken lashley said...

you should come through when you hit SD...l just booked my place and it's looking like we are having more fun than last year.

l would love too see what you work on....send me a link.

GRODZ! said...

First I would like say to you Brother Man is. Thank You for being This CooL. I've never meet anyone Online mined you who is into what I do as an Artist. So Thank you for that Ken. I will be making

the trip to SD I think thats gonna be tons of fun Lastly as far as Comic work. I haven't done anything Marvel or Dc related for a long time. Indy stuff commission work from time to time. I'll send you some

pics from the Graffiti Project am working on as soon as am done with it. You have my word. Again Thank you for Being So CooL Dude. Be well And Stay up till then


Hi Profile said...

Saw you on BT this morning.
Still Pumpin it out Eh!
Congrats on the Black Panther.
Would be wicked to see them do the Movie as the Female revamp as you and Reg have re-invented it.

Paul M

babybro said...

Hey, this is Jeff from facebook, So how did the BT show go?