Tuesday, February 3, 2009

93.5 FLOW is putting me on...

On thursday Feb 5th l will be on FLOW 93.5, talking about BLACK PANTHER #1 and other things that l have been doing. l have been a long time listener to that station because it is the only urban station in Ontario. l remember when they were trying to get a urban station in Ontario ...they worked hard for years to make it happen. l have a few buddies who have been part of the FLOW family for years...DJ Starting from Skratch has been a long time friend...he used to come the club l worked at with his crates of records and rock us ...that was at least 20 yeras ago...he was only 14 at the time...he had mad skills, now he is the man...much love and respect for what he has done.

j-wise is a friend from the early days of the studio...he was a smart kid with a ton of potential ..he did an interview with me a few years ago and l was in a bad mood so l was talking s#1T about everybody...l was acting like a crazy person..(not one of my finer moments). J took a poster that l have yet to see again...hahaaha...it's all good.

listen for it on Thursday..l hope l don't say something stupid...but hey , it might be entertaining.


Also....The BLACK PANTHER #1 book comes out tomorrow...tell me what you think...but only if you like it..hahahaha


Umbra said...

PURE AWESOME. Great work Mr. Lashley.

Ryan said...
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Ryan said...

http://www.flow935.com/Podcasts/NewInterviews/Ken lashley(020509).mp3