Monday, June 1, 2009

Black Panther arch is over?..maybe for now...

ok here is the deal....l have been not feeling so well and am now on the mend. l have been very slack on posting here but l'm going to fix all of that. l l'm done with my BP arch ....but that won't be the last l see of her. look out people..l'm coming back to the Wakanda world real soon.

look for a post about my G.I Joe work as well as my Mattel love....check back soon. is the money shot in issue....wait l can't tell.

l wonder how l would draw the PUNISHER..HMMMMMM.

peace all.


BabyBro said...

Wow, so is usual comic book arcs this short? Meaning like an artist is on a book for about 6 issues and than rotates?

BROCASSO said...

Just finished issue 5 and this is a awesome issue your work on the series has been truly superlative.

I really feel for your successor. They've got big shoes to fill. You'll be sorely missed on the series.

ken lashley said...

thanks all..well most runs are about as long as two trades...l have other things l would like to do so 6 is my limit. l will be doing projects for Marvel but not every month...l just don't have the time.

thanks for the love...l aim to make every book the best it can be. l'm not the best but l do what l can...thanks again all.