Monday, June 8, 2009

hello all,
l took some time off and am back to the workload.....l am doing some work on Punisher and then .....wait l just can't say yet. l have been working for Marvel for a few years now and l am happy to get my hands on some big books...although l am done with BP ( for now) ..l still am knee deep with my work at the house of M.

l got contacted by Jim M who runs the HERO INITIATIVE program. This program is very beneficial to us artist who may be down on their luck or just having a rough time...medically or otherwise. l was asked if l would contribute a cover for an auction that will be held at a comiccon this summer. l did one cover as well as two cards..these are the images l did..l did them quick..say about 2 hours total.

l enjoy doing this kind of makes you feel like you are making a difference.

issue 5of BP is out...more on that later.

peace all...where is my popcorn love...l miss the love.


CCSNASH said...

They are beautiful. Congratulations

Carlos Castro - Brazil

GRODZ! said...

What up fam. Sorry the lack of PoPCorn. As for the Line Art it still remains F R E S H ! ! ! I'll hit you up soon Till then


ken lashley said...

thanks for the love...see you all real soon.SD baabbbyyyy!!!!