Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Black Panther 11..l'm BACK!!!!!!!!

these are some fun times....l am working on some new things and BP 11 is one of them. l was asked to come back and do issue 11...from that..who knows. ....well, l do. hahahaaha. l will be at Marvel for a few more books..these are the books that you dream about doing. l will be finalizing some other things as well...l was told that you should enjoy the ride..l am.

if you love something let it go..if it comes back...lock it up.


Jonathan Maberry said...'s great working with you on Black Panther #11. Can't wait to see the pages...I know they'll be outstanding.

ken lashley said...

thanx...l am doing my best not to disappoint the fans.l did some very cool pages..but thats because l got great stuff to work from.

BabyBro said...

Sweet! I can't wait to see what you unleash within the near future!

Umbra said...

Wow....great to have you back.