Wednesday, September 16, 2009

off topic...whoa..Jennifer Beals is hot...

l don't usually do these kind of things but over the weekend Flashdance was l have never seen the whole thing but l have seen the key scenes that everyone else has. l have to admit that Jennifer Beals is so hot that l'm a bit freaked out. l mean come hot can a woman be?...well she is crazy , stupid hot in that movie.

later that night the L-word was on....l think that she is better looking now. oh well l guess she is my new crush.

she kinda reminds me of a girl l know...same smile...dark hair...amazing dancer..hahahaha.

next artwork..l had a CRAZY is nuts.


BabyBro said...

Hahaha, I definitely feel you. She's completely a hottie. So I was wondering if you gotten the chance to check out my stuff yet?

ken lashley said...

l did..nice stuff dude. l like your pencil shows a ton to see the work underneath the inks. l would love to see you draw more of a variety of stuff..flex the muscles bro.

but overall...strong stuff.

BabyBro said...

Oh wow thanks, I definitely appreciate it. By the way, could you elaborate on what you mean by a variety of stuff? Just so you can point me down the right direction? LOL, and does the wife know about your crushes or do you keep them a secret?