Sunday, March 11, 2007


l was hired to some drawings for a Superman it was DC . The job was to do likeness of the actor without doing a likeness....l was to give a 'sense' of the actor but not a direct likeness...why? because when you work in this busines you find that a multitude of stipulations are part of the deal. l don't do likeness's that often so this was right up my alley..l also haven't drawn Supes very often either.

l love my job....Hello Ethan....your daddy owes me dinner.



St John Street said...

hey ken kool stuff hope to see more from you in the future and great to have on the Allstars looing forward to seein much more from you peace!!!

Linton J

Mr.McCall said...

Hey Ken. Nice stuff, man. You keep amazing me every day. I just to make comment.
Stay cool dude.

John Mc