Saturday, March 31, 2007

My Birthday is here....

l found this image of me doddling and l thought about how much my life has changed over the last year . l dropped about 350 pounds of dead weight....they know who they are , and found a better class of talent and character in the new editions to my crew. l have been drawing like a mad fool with the Animated feature-DC comics-Lucasfilm-Portfolio-Disney-Hasbro etc wife has been amazing and the girls are the sparkle in my life.l spent to much time away from them and now l have a balance.

the past year has been the most rewarding in my artistic life . l am working on things that l thought would be years away for me ...that is the way it has been for me in the past year...l guess when you focus, you can move beyond the boarders you put around yourself. l want to say peace to my extended family all over the world, l feel like drawing everyday...that's new for me ...or at least the past few years.

oh, today l'm going a special dinner my Mom has made for details , just the time l'm to arrive. l better get my Candy Yams.....oh , what do l care...l'll be with the people who matter most.



Roc said...

great blog man. and i definately agree about focusing. stay up

ken lashley said...

thanks baby....l am getting my batteries juiced by all you young heads.