Saturday, March 24, 2007

l just watched the HBO Special ''When the Levee's broke''......l don't think l have ever seen anything so disturbing in my life. l have been to New Orleans to see my favorite team play , l have been a die hard Saints fan for years and l went a few years ago to a game in the Superdome.

To see streets l walked on and places l visited underwater .....l don't have the words. l have a pair of shoes l bought at a sports store across from the Dome that l will never throw out, l just feel like a peice of NewOrleans is in my house and should remember what it was like.

l won't get into it ,but man........l was moved to tears at least 3 times.

lf you haven't seen it....go watch it, lt will change you.


Chris Sims said...

I haven't seen it yet but I definitely wanna check it out.

Have you heard about the tragedies occuring in Darfur? Sad times for the world indeed.

ken lashley said...

Drafur is a sad testament about how we live. l have read a few articles about the conflict and when l hear ''ethnic cleansing'' l cringe.
the UN at some point must take action....the amount of violence and assualts on woman should give them cause, but as you know these matters are a powder keg.
Chris, l like that you are well versed in the worlds issues.l respect that .

the New orleans story is sad and my friend worked with Spike Lee on this movie so l got a DVD copy.he pulled no punches....and they all landed.

lets talk politics....anytime.