Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Michael Turner passes away...


l heard he was sick...l also heard he was recovering and when l saw him he was always in good spirits. l may have only spoken to him maybe a handful of times but l was always aware of his talent. l can't remember a time where he wasn't a force in the business. l often looked at his work and thought about how much energy and craftsmanship he brings to the table.

l did a Witchblade book with another artist in my studio. l was responsible for the layouts and he did the finishes...Mr Turner wrote the book. What alot of people don't know is that he was a pretty good storyteller...l have worked with best and his work is on par with them. The book was an artist dream...he let me do what l do best and in the end it was a very strong product, in fact it lead to us taking over RISING STARS a few weeks later.

but the spirit of the work was his....we just were along for the ride.

l last saw him at The San deigo comic con...he was always so cool. l don't think many of us could be so humble if we had that kind of success. l may not have known him like a brother but we shared a family....we all love the funny books.

but today the books don't seem so funny.

Today l am reminded that we don't have as much time as we all think we do....go live and have no regrets.


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