Wednesday, July 30, 2008

more SD con ...Mattel visit.

Part 2-
we were taken in past the security barrier....and we saw the new stuff...the old stuff the NEW NEW was hot. l saw the work we have been doing as well as the projects we will be doing over the next few months...l can't tell you how excited we are that Mattel is giving a band of crazy artists the chance to rock with them.

the past few years have been rolling along....l love my crew...they are not only talented but good people as well. Fedel flew in later because he had business to take care of...l like that he would do that before coming out west..LA was nice.

he missed the Mattel event....maybe next year.

the Mattel gate keeper...she was nice but she will frisk ya.

the shuttle wicked.

hey, you know your big when....

the design centre...

l'm so silly...

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