Wednesday, July 30, 2008

SAN DIEGO goodness- part1.

Ok people,
l am back from SD comcicon and l had the best time ever...l can tell you a bit more about what l'm doing...l have been saying for months that l'm doing work at the MIGHTY M...but what you didn't know was that is was MATTEL as well as Marvel comics.

l drove up from SD and spent a few hours with DV...he is an old friend and a guy who l just click with. l left my house in the morning and took the 2 hr drive like a was easy, l slept the whole way...( sorry G).l took a few pics but they came out blurry..when we arrived we got the royal treatment... is the San diego update...nice sign

she was nice but she took my camera....and l signed away my first born...haha.

D-V....nice haircut...Rockstar.

life is good....l was given a sports car for coming.....wait , that's not right. besides l barely fit in it...thanks D for crushing my black butt into a very small car...but dude that car was fast.

hurry up dude.....l'm in lets go...


GRODZ! said...

Glad you had Fun Ken. Hope to meet you next year.


ken lashley said...

we had a great time...we already booked the house for next year...l think l will host a party.

you are invited...


DAN-VAN-COOL said...

Visit Mattel, then hope in a HotWheel :P