Friday, September 12, 2008


OK here is the KING SIZED project l've been working on ...The scoop was that it was supposed to be a two issue run but after some editorial love it became a KING sized Cable thingy...l can't say enough how awesome it was to work on this .

here is the funny junk which is my l went to buy the book at a local comic shop that l don't go to that often. l was buying the book with a buddy of mine ...well not really a buddy but that's a long story.hahaha...

the guy behind the register was looking at my purchase and he said how the ending was great and it had a surprise...He than asked if l followed the book and l told him 'kinda'' ...he went into his full pitch and asked me to join the preferred customer list...get my books pulled ...the whole nine yards...l told him that l was 'good' and thanked him but l wouldn't need to join the pull list crew....l had a connection already in place.

Just than the manager came up and said...''ahhh, this is Ken Lashley ...he drew that book you just sold him'' . l could see the wheels turning...he was a bit surprised but regained himself really fast...he said ' l guess you already know how it ends..'' ...l said 'yeah' but l will say that he was so cool about it and did his best sell job on me...hey , if l didn't draw it..l still would have bought it.

l think l should have told him...but sometimes l don't say anything and just buy the books....makes for better Blogging..

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Ryan said...

Dirrrrrrrrrrrty...shame on you for leading the young man along! Although, give him props for the sales pitch.

Nothing beats going in to the store to pick up books...pretty sure it's faster that way anyhow, rather than waiting for it to be delivered in that big FedEx box.

See ya on the 20th! For anyone reading this...Ken will be doing a special in store signing to promote the book he is blogging about:

Saturday September 20th
1-3 pm
3rd Quadrant Comics
685 Queen Street West Suite #201
Toronto, ON